Here is a list of what proselint checks.

ID Description
airlinese.misc Avoiding jargon of the airline industry
annotations.misc Catching annotations left in the text
archaism.misc Avoiding archaic forms
cliches.hell Avoiding a common cliché
cliches.misc Avoiding clichés
consistency.spacing Consistent sentence spacing
consistency.spelling Consistent spelling
corporate_speak.misc Avoiding corporate buzzwords`
cursing.filth Words to avoid Avoiding words banned by the NFL
dates_times.am_pm Using the right form for the time of day
dates_times.dates Stylish formatting of dates
hedging.misc Not hedging
hyperbole.misc Not being hyperbolic
jargon.misc Avoiding miscellaneous jargon
lgbtq.offensive_terms Avoiding offensive LGBTQ terms
lgbtq.terms Misused LGBTQ terms
lexical_illusions.misc Avoiding lexical illusions
links.broken Linking only to existing sites
malapropisms.misc Avoiding common malapropisms
misc.apologizing Being confident
misc.back_formations Avoiding needless backformations
misc.bureaucratese Avoiding bureaucratese
misc.but Avoid starting a paragraph with "But..."
misc.capitalization Capitalizing only what ought to be capitalized
misc.chatspeak Avoiding lolling and other chatspeak
misc.commercialese Avoiding jargon of the commercial world
misc.currency Avoiding redundant currency symbols
misc.debased Avoiding debased language
misc.false_plurals Avoiding false plurals
misc.illogic Avoiding illogical forms
misc.inferior_superior Superior to, not than
misc.latin Avoiding overuse of Latin phrases
misc.many_a Many a singular
misc.metaconcepts Avoiding overuse of metaconcepts
misc.narcissism Talking about the subject, not its study
misc.phrasal_adjectives Hyphenating phrasal adjectives
misc.preferred_forms Miscellaneous preferred forms
misc.pretension Avoiding being pretentious
misc.professions Calling jobs by the right name
misc.punctuation Using punctuation assiduously
misc.scare_quotes Using scare quotes only when needed
misc.suddenly Avoiding the word suddenly
misc.tense_present Advice from Tense Present
misc.waxed Waxing poetic
misc.whence Using "whence"
mixed_metaphors.misc Not mixing metaphors
mondegreens.misc Avoiding mondegreen
needless_variants.misc Using the preferred form
nonwords.misc Avoid using nonwords
oxymorons.misc Avoiding oxymorons
psychology.misc Avoiding misused psychological terms
redundancy.misc Avoiding redundancy and saying things twice
redundancy.ras_syndrome Avoiding RAS syndrome
skunked_terms.misc Avoid using skunked terms
spelling.able_atable -able vs. -atable
spelling.able_ible -able vs. -ible
spelling.athletes Spelling of athlete names
spelling.em_im_en_in -em vs. -im and -en vs. -in
spelling.er_or -er vs. -or
spelling.in_un in- vs. un-
spelling.misc Spelling words corectly
security.credit_card Keeping credit card numbers secret
security.password Keeping passwords secret
sexism.misc Avoiding sexist language
terms.animal_adjectives Animal adjectives
terms.denizen_labels Calling denizens by the right name
terms.eponymous_adjectives Calling people by the right name
terms.venery Call groups of animals by the right name
typography.diacritical_marks Using dïacríticâl marks
typography.exclamation Avoiding overuse of exclamation
typography.symbols Using the right symbols
uncomparables.misc Not comparing uncomparables
weasel_words.misc Avoiding weasel words
weasel_words.very Avoiding the word "very"

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